Website Design Services

Do you want to show off your business in a beautiful way? a website is the number one way to advertise/showcase the services your business offers.

You will also receive a free domain name when you buy this service! e.g. (

Great Websites, Great Prices, Great Work!

What are the top reasons you should choose us?

Experience – At PetHouse UK we have years of experience and a beautiful website right before your eyes.

Reliability – We are reliable and won’t let you down! Proof? check our Facebook page for our 100% positive feedback!

Fast…. – We work extremely fast and may have your website complete within a few hours! great right?

Free Hosting – We understand web hosting is expensive, which is why when you choose to get a website designed by us we will supply you with free and fast web hosting.


Above are just a few reasons why you should choose us to design you a website, we also work at an extremely great price and are excited to hear back from you!

NOTE: We take a deposit in case you change your mind after we have done work.

If we work for more then a day and you no longer want our service we will not refund you.