Summertime is coming…

So it’s that time of year again and your dog is getting very hot, yet always wants to be out in the back garden in the extremely hot weather. Here are our top 10 tips on how we think you can keep your dog cool during summertime.

10. Wetting your grass

This is an extremely simple way that you can keep your dog cool during summer, if you grab your garden hose and wet your grass slightly, you could save your dog from getting a nasty burn on their stomach and overheating at the same time.

9. Build a mini dog shelter

Building a mini dog shelter may seem like a hard thing to do, but we have a simple way for you to make one without the hassle off using any drills, saws, etc.

Needed Items:

  • Two chairs
  • A Blanket
  • Two small, but slightly heavy items

Start by placing the chairs next to each over, leaving a space in the middle for your dog to lay. Now put the blanket over the back off both chairs as a shade, now all you have to do is put the slightly heavy items on the end off the banket on both ends.

8. Bring them inside every 20 mins, for 30mins to 1hour

To avoid your dog from overheating and getting heat stroke, we recommend that you bring your dog inside from your garden every 20 minutes or so, for 30mins to 1hour. This will prevent them getting too hot too quickly as they won’t have time to.

7. Add some ice cubes to their water bowl

Adding some ice cubes to your dog’s water bowl will help them stay cool without them even knowing that you’re doing it, why not also add some to your drink so you can stay nice and cool together.

6. Bring out the doggy pool

Something that many dog’s love is a nice cool paddling pool in the summer, that’s why we really recommend you get it out for them to have a nice swim in.

5. Grab the water bottle and collapsible bowl

When you’re walking your dog make sure to bring out a bottle of water and collapsible bowl with you, we recommend that you use a collapsible bowl called “Lifeventure Ellipse Collapsible Bowl”, which you can find by clicking here: Lifeventure Ellipse Collapsible Bowl (Blue). This incredible bowl will help you keep your dog hydrated on your walks, so they can enjoy their walk without being thirsty.

4. Make sure they have access to clean drinking water

The hot days are coming! which is why you need to make sure that your dog has access to clean drinking water throughout the entire day and night, we care about our dogs and really don’t want them to get heat stroke.

3. Walk them at cooler times

During summertime, we recommend that you walk your dog during cooler times, for example, we would walk our dogs’ first thing in the morning or early on in the evening. We are saying this with great reason due to the pads on your dog’s paws, they will overheat and could get burnt by the floor. We recommend walking your dog on grass.

2. Plenty off food

I know what your thinking… that your dog wants to eat less during hot times, but they need more energy and should be eating more, so you should try your very best to get them to eat more food. Here is a food that we think all dog’s love! our dogs are fussy and really love it!

: Aattu

1. A neck cool pad

This is one we highly recommend as it’s super simple and will keep your dog cool in an extremely effective way, all you have to do is put a few cool pads on your dog’s collar and allow it to cool their neck glands down.


We hope you enjoyed reading our 10 ways to keep your dog cool during summer time!

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